„Érase otra vez“

2007 in Madrid.

Participants from 5 different countries created open air performances about prejudices.


erase otra vez (1) erase otra vez (2) erase otra vez (3)

„Inside Maps“

2009 in Bilbao

The participants created other city maps with different techniques (Foto, painting, Video, Instalation, Theatre.


Exif_JPEG_PICTURE PENTAX Image inside maps flyer


„Cave Tales“

2014 in Bilbao and Gorliz/Plentzia

Participants from Spain, Italy and Germany explore the meaning of caves (refuge,

prohibition) and created open­air performances and Land­Art.


cave tales 2014_2

cave tales 2014_1 (1)

„Lo que Lorca se llevó“

2009 in Potsdam

Theatre meeting with participants from Spain and Germany to create a performance

about the writer Federico García Lorca and show it in Potsdam.

lo que Lorca se llevo

„Cuenta y que te cuenten“

2013 in Madrid

Theatre project connected ethnographical research with physical theatre. Young

participants from Germany, France, Spain and Italy collected spoken stories and tales

from their home countries and created on this basis a collective performance.

cuenta y que te cuenten 1 cuenta y que te cuenten 2



„Chambers of horror circus“

2009 in Potsdam

German artists and the theater company „Residui Teatro“ created a theater show about

nightmares and showed in the Fabrik, Potsdam.

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