„To listen“

2012 and 2014 in Poznán

2013 in Potsdam

A project in three parts about hearing: ourselves, the others, the enviroment. The search

of own music. Performances with dance, music and theatre in the Festival „Wiosna

Młodych“(Spring of the youth) in Poznán.


To listen 1

To listen 2

„Wildfremd­ zupełnie obcy, nieznany”

2011 in Myszkow

Youth exchange with open­air performances about to be foreign: the fascination of the


2011.04-05. Wildfremd 022 2011.04-05. Wildfremd 097




„Aus dem Nebel geholt“

2012 in Trechwitz and Potsdam

Youthexchange with participants from Germany and Poland with open air theatre

performances. Topic: memories of the childhood and in the future.


nebel...2012_1 nebel...2012_2

Malta Theatre Festival

1999, 2000, 2002, 2004 in Poznán

Theater group „Zaba“ acted in different editions of the festival.

zaba 2 zaba 3 zaba 4

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