„Fremder Drachen“
2009 first part in Beijing and Wuha  n (China) and second part in Potsdam, Berlin and Strodehne.
A project about dragon stories.Differences between the meaning of dragons in China and in Europe. A big dragon sculpture was builded in the Economy University of Hubei.
In the second part in Germany the participants created an exhibition with paintings, sculptures and videos.


Fremde Drachen (2)Fremde Drachen (1)Fremde Drachen (3)Fremde Drachen (4)


German-chinese Youthexchange 2013/2014
First part:
„Der Urknall und seine Folgen“
2013 in Potsdam and Strodehne

What was 13,7 milliard years ago? The participants could use their imagination to answer the questions about the big bang. The results were showed in an exhibition with painting, grafik and installation in Potsdam.



der urknall und seine folgen


Second part:
„Von Anfang und Ende der Zeit“
2014 in Wuhan and Peking

The participants from Germany could work with the students of the design in the Economics univeristy in order to exchange myths about the origin and end of the world in different cultures. They created an exhibition with Leporellos in the university.

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